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Featured Cameras

Lowest Cost, Wireless N, Quality Images

TRENDnet TV-IP751WIC. This camera cam be purchased at Amazon or at your favorite electronic store for $50-$65. We have created a simplified setup screen at WERMS to easily configure the file transfer settings. This TRENDnet camera automatically switches between connected and wireless mode. The focus ring provides for sharp images. The infirared night vision on the upgraded (TV-IP751WIC) camera works well, but has very bright LEDs. This camera with WERMS produces a complete solution for minimal cost.

This camera, like many others requires JAVA (Apple) and/or Active X (Windows) to view live, but not to use WERMS. The history managed at WERMS can be viewed on all devices. You're not tied to the live view only. TRENDnet provides a free APP to view live on Apple devices for devices that do not support JAVA.

TRENDnet TV-IP762IC 720p HD Wireless Cloud Surveillance Camera, 2-Way Audio, 16 Feet Night Vision,

Foscam FI9821P. This camera can be purchased at Amazon or at your favorite electronic store for $70-$80 with an industry leading 2 year warranty. Foscam also sells directly from their website and offer discounted prices regularly. We like this camera because it works very well with WERMS and the advanced features include good night vision without blasting LEDs, a ring to focus for every installation, a large pan and tit range (300p/200t degrees), a straight-forward and responsive interface user, and a long power cable (approx. 10 ft).

The live view feature can be used on computers, and mobile devices without an App which is a big advantage compared to the TRENDnet cameras.

Foscam FI9821P Plug & Play 1.0 Megapixel 1280 x 720p Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio and Smart Phone Connectivity (White)

TRENDnet - These are popular and lower priced cameras with many features including those required for an effective motion sensing camera using WERMS. The included setup disk only works with Windows. If Windows is not available, we guide users to their router's DHCP table because TRENDnet use DHCP to set the intial camera IP address. With this address, configuration screens can be accessed using a browser.

These cameras capture images when motion is detected until motion stops, therefore, more shorter events are accumulated compared to the the Panasonic models which capture a predetermined number of images per event. These cameras automatically to toggle from wired to wireless when the ethernet cable is disconnected, rather than using a harware switch. The camera mount also provides for many mounting options.

TVIP110 "Featured model" - Optimized setup screens
- Super easy!
- Discontinued model, still available.

TVIP551 "Recommended - Night Vision"
- Very effective stationary surveillance camera.
- Good images, simple motion detection.
- Wired or wireless, day/night features.
- Focus ring.
- Simplified setup by WERMS.

TVIP651 "Good upgrade camera
- Shelf mount
- Same quality with Pan/tilt/zoom

Foscam - These are lower cost cameras with many advanced features including wireless, pan/tilt/zoom, HD, and audio. The device management screens are responsive and easy to use. The flip and mirror image features work well if the camera is mounted on a ceiling. The image quality is acceptable to most. There is effective IR night features and a focus ring to produce the best-in-class images. Live views, which work on all devices without an App, can be displayed 640x480. These cameras work very well with WERMS.

Panasonic- These are high quality cameras designed and manufactured by a top tier supplier. The Pansonic line of cameras work the well with WERMS, even though the camera administration pages are poorly written. The image quality and performance of the advanced features are as good as any cameras we have tested. The fixed IP address is set by default as apposed to DHCP. These cameras can have five event triggers and send captured images to multiple storage sites and significant image transfer buffer space (holding area) if a temporary Internet outage is experienced. The entry-level models do not have IR capabilities, however, these cameras work very well at night with motion-activated lights. A harware switch is used to switch from wired to wireless, therefore, physical access to the camera may be critical if wireless connectivity is inconsistent. Panasonic includes long low-voltage cords compared to other manufacturers, but does not include an ethernet cable.

BLC1A "Featured model" - Optimized setup screens
- a.k.a. Petcam.
- Super easy!
- Discontinued model

BLC131 Wireless, multiple-trigger capability
- Very effective stationary surveillance camera.
- Tuneable motion detection.

BLC10 - Same quality with Pan/tilt/zoom

Axis - Axis manufactures an expanded line of popular cameras with good image quality. Advanced features include multiple triggers and extensive filename formatting with datestamping options that make them effective motion-detection cameras. External switches for doors and windows can be can also be used to trigger image captures.

D-Link- These are name brand cameras with only modest feature sets. Motion detection is not available in many models, therefore, these can only transfer timer-triggered timelapse events. Also image resultion options do not match the more expensive cameras.

Other - Many other compatible cameras are available under other brand names. LOFTEK and Foscam cameras are virtually the same.

Other cameras, including the complete Dropcam line, Samsung, and Belkin cameras are not compatible with WERMS because they do not support or offer standard FTP transfer protocols. If the details related to remote storage options are not made clear be the manufacturer, odds are they are providing a closed systems which may not offer the flexiblitiy you really want!

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