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Web Enabled Remote Monitoring Service

WERMS provides the most useful, easiest, and lowest priced camera monitoring solution for Internet cameras. See our Demo and simple Getting Started Instructions.

Monthly 1st month free!
7 day rotating history!
30 day archive!
 $6 1st camera $15
$4 add cameras

No subscription required!
One day revolving history free.
One month full services trial.

1. Buy a camera. 2. Sign up.(It's free) 3. Add your camera. Subscribe later  

WERMS offers a complete cloud storage solution for most Internet cameras. You can buy a camera based on the features you want, then sign up for a free WERMS account and add cameras. No contract is required and you can cancel at any time.

WERMS manages your camera's motion-activated or timer-activated image history offsite for you. Use a bookmark or favorite for single-click access to the most recent activity, 7-day revolving history, and go-live link from anywhere, any time, using any device in three clicks or less!

WERMS provides what you really want!

WERMS can be used by homeowners, renters, business owners, tenants, property managers, homeowner associations, Nextdoor network groups, apartment managers, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood watch groups, real estate brokers, caregivers, or anyone else who wants a simple to install and use surveillance solution, they control, at a price that makes sense.

The key feature with WERMS is the Image History at werms.com. It's easy to quickly view the most recent and historical events for multiple cameras. Go Live(1). with a single click. WERMS provides what you really want.

  • A computer is not required to purchase, install, or use the WERMS service. No CDs, downloads, or apps are needed.
  • WERMS will work with most IP cameras that support FTP.
  • History is stored and managed off-site at WERMS.
  • Save individual images at WERMS or locally to your device.
  • Download history off the cloud to your computer.
  • History is easy to review. Easily drill down into events by camera, day, and event. Use your favorite device.
  • See a current snapshot while reviewing history (1).
  • Go Live with one click to monitor current activity (1).
  • Individual images can be easily enlarged, saved, and shared.
  • Our unique "Heartbeat" feature provides daily status messages.
  • Monitor several cameras at different locations using one account.
  • Household and business multi-user features. Perfect for neighborhood groups and HOAs.
(1) - camera dependant

See our Demo, or Sign Up for free now.

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User Testimonials

"I use WERMS to get a picture of everyone that comes into my office."

Greg - San Mateo, CA

"Within days I had the evidence I neeed to prove what I was saying and finally got sole custody of my kids."

Scott - Riverside, CA

"I wish everyone on my block would get a camera with WERMS. I know it would make the neigborhood safer."

John - Jackson Hole, Wy

"I finally caught the woman who's dog keeps doing its business on my lawn."

Russell - Newport Beach, CA

"WERMS has been great. I monitor a couple cameras at my cabin. I always know how much snow there is and I am confident I'l know if someone has been snooping around."

Mark - Lake Tahoe, NV

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